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Self-catheterization involves learning how to insert and use a catheter on your own. A catheter may be required for individuals with urinary incontinence, urinary retention, prostate problems or recent surgery. 

Catheters drain urine from the bladder into a special external container or directly into the toilet. During self-catheterization training, a healthcare clinician from Progressive Urology will teach you how to manage your catheter through proper insertion and removal techniques. 

What to Expect:

Learning how to insert a catheter is generally quick and may be completed in one office visit. One of our clinicians will guide you through the proper hygienic steps required to avoid infection during insertion and removal of the catheter. While the process may be awkward or uncomfortable at first, it will get easier with practice. 

Specific steps for inserting a catheter may differ depending on the patient’s gender and the type of catheter used. Some catheters are designed for single-use while others may be reused once cleaned and appropriately sanitized. 

The clinicians at Progressive Urology will work with the patient directly and individually to help them understand safe and effective self-catheterization processes.

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