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Medtronic’s InterStim Overview:

Medtronic’s InterStim is an implanted device that electrically stimulates the sacral nerve to help control an overactive bladder. Its purposes are to help with urinary urge and incontinence in individuals who did not respond to more conservative treatment options. The device helps to normalize the neural communication between the bladder and the brain to restore normal bladder function. 

Medtronic’s InterStim – What to Expect:

Implanting the InterStim system is a surgical procedure with similar risks and side effects as any surgery. There may be pain at the implant site with a chance of infection if not properly cared for following the procedure. 

After implantation, the device will send stimulation to the sacral nerve to provide symptom relief of the overactive bladder. The stimulation sensation may take a few weeks to get used to, but after this initial period, patients may not feel the sensation at all. 

Urgent PC Overview:

Urgent PC is another stimulation device, but this one is not permanently implanted. Instead, a small needle electrode is inserted near the ankle and then connected to a battery-powered stimulator. During 30-minute intervals, impulses from the stimulator travel through the electrode, along the leg and to the nerves that control bladder function. Urgent PC delivers stimulation to the tibial nerve to treat patients with overactive bladder. 

Urgent PC – What to Expect:

Patients will come into the office for their Urgent PC training sessions. The small needle of the device is temporarily inserted into the ankle to allow for electrical stimulation to pass to the nerve that controls the bladder.  Patients may feel a tingling or pulsating sensation during the therapy, but the feeling is generally well-tolerated. 

Treatment typically consists of 12 initial sessions scheduled one week apart. After that, sessions are spread further apart to cover maintenance therapy.

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